Top 9 foods rich in vitamin E


Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that protects from cellular oxidation by free radicals in different organs and tissues. This is something to keep in mind in the sportsman. It also performs other important functions such as the stabilization of membranes, avoiding platelet aggregation or hemolysis.

Top 9 foods rich in vitamin EThe recommended daily amount is 15-20 milligrams of vitamin E per day. This amount depends on age, breastfeeding, pregnancy or certain pathologies. The higher intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids, you also need a higher intake of vitamin E. Although we will see a list with foods that have more vitamin E, you will soon realize that nuts are the largest source of this vitamin:

List of foods rich in Vitamin E

  • Sunflower oil (48 mg / 100g): Sunflower oil is certainly the food with the highest vitamin E content. Being an oil from a seed, the content of vitamin E is high. The olive oil is the premium, especially for seasoning. Although sunflower is also used, for example, to make homemade mayonnaise.
  • Hazelnuts (26 mg / 100g): of course, nuts are the great allies of vitamins and minerals. With a couple of handfuls of hazelnuts already have covers daily requirement of vitamin E. In addition to eating them raw, we can use them in cooking recipes how are you: stewed chicken with hazelnut sauce, cake hazelnut or pumpkin cream with arugula and hazelnuts.
  • Almonds (20 mg / 100g): we may be more accustomed to this dry fruit than to hazelnut. However, we see how many of the main nuts have significant amounts of vitamin E. We also have many possibilities in the kitchen with almonds, an example: honey turkey with almonds or cream of vermicelli cream with almonds.
  • Peanuts (8 mg / 100g): as it can not be otherwise, Other dry fruit this vegetable tops the list of foods rich in vitamin E, in addition to being rich in other minerals and vitamins. And although we are more accustomed to eating raw peanuts, or Americans, like peanut butter, you can also make delicious recipes with this food, look at these delicious tofu and mango tacos with peanut sauce.
  • Canned in sunflower oil (6mg / 100g): Most canned fish come in sunflower oil. A single serving of these preserves gives us much of the vitamin E we need on a daily basis.
  • Pistachios (5 mg / 100g): This dry fruit, which is also easy to incorporate into the diet, does not have as much vitamin E as we have seen but is an important aid to get the recommended daily amount. We leave you with a very healthy recipe incorporating pistachios: hummus with peppers and pistachios.
  • Olive oil (5mg / 100g): could not be less the oil that abounds more in our earth. Another reason to incorporate olive oil into our diet . In fact, because of its antioxidant power is one of the foods that should not be lacking in the athlete’s diet.
  • Avocado (3mg (100g)): This food is currently popular because of its healthy fats content. It also has a significant contribution of vitamin E. We can eat avocado in many ways: chicken and avocado salad sandwich, guacamole Or in ways you never imagined.
  • Asparagus (2.5 mg / 100g): we finish the list of foods rich in vitamin E with asparagus. They do not have a very bulky amount but it is a very complete food to put in the diet. And do not think of asparagus as a dull food, there are many ways to eat it: sautéed bimi and asparagus, cannelloni asparagus and ham or light cream of green asparagus.
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