Updating your website

Web Design

Review your existing content and design

Your website’s current state should be thoroughly evaluated as the first step. You are not creating new content at this stage, but rather evaluating what works and what does not. You’ll then be able make a list of the changes that are needed.

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Check your visual content, including images and videos. Look for anything that appears blurry, pixelated, or outdated. Images that are outdated or not aligned with the brand identity you currently have may be found. For help with Web Design Gloucester, visit https://www.absolutecreativemarketing.co.uk/web-design/web-design-gloucester/

Check the written content of your website as well as the visuals. Check for broken links and incorrect or missing information.

You may have outdated blog posts or mission statements, for example, that no longer speak the language of your brand, especially if you haven’t updated your content since you first launched.

Check the data on your website

You should also look at your analytics to understand how your visitors behave and tailor your site better.

You can monitor the traffic on your website by integrating tracking tools and analytics. You can check out important information such as the most visited pages, how long visitors spend on a page, and bounce rates (how many people left your website without engaging with it).

After you have a better understanding of your customers’ behaviours, go one step further and analyse why they act in the way that they do. Consider what makes a page different if many people are leaving your website without even engaging with it.

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Compare your website with those of your competitors

Do some research on your competitors while you are busy updating your website. Compare your findings with your own website after browsing through their sites. You may be missing important information, pages or contents. You may have come across some great ideas that you can use to boost your website.

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