How to stop tree roots from damaging drains

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Tree roots are one of the more insidious problems you can encounter with your drains. They are almost snakelike in their behaviour, slowly slithering underground, piercing their way into pipes, or wrapping around them and constricting waste flow.
You can imagine tree roots as underground branches: if the branches can reach your house, the roots are likely already underneath it. This article will provide guidance on precautions you can take and when to seek professional help.

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Damage from tree roots to sewer pipe lining Solihull has become a surprisingly frequent issue in recent years, but one that can be easily mitigated. The most obvious solution would be to remove the tree entirely, but this may be costly and can also leave your garden feeling barren.

If you’re planting trees, you should keep them as far from the house as possible. You can also place barriers or chemical inhibitors like potassium hydroxide to limit the reach of tree roots.

If you are able to access the roots of an existing tree, you can cut them back or use the aforementioned measures. If you’re uncertain about whether or not you are allowed to dig, guidance can be found here on the British dwelling website.

You can do regular checks on your pipes for signs of blockages or damage, and can even get a root barrier installed around the pipes. These barriers are specially designed to prevent tree roots from growing into your drains or displacing them.

When to seek professional help

If you’re experiencing frequent blockages, leaks from your drains, or any other issues that are persistent, it’s worth getting an expert down to learn the extent of the damage. Drain professionals such as are usually willing to come to provide thorough checks on drainage systems and assess any damage.

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Don’t feel guilty or annoyed about where you planted a tree. Most people assume that pipes are far out of reach underground, and only some are unfortunate enough to be hit. Now you know, make sure you stay vigilant and take the necessary precautions to keep your drains in good form.

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