The best exercises without equipment to work glutes at home


If you are away from the gym at this time or your fitness center is closed, you can always opt for home training. To do this, today we leave the best exercises without equipment to work buttocks so or more effectively than with machines in the gym.

Three big basics

Among the most used exercises to strengthen buttocks we find three basic basics that we can perform without any equipment, in the comfort of our house. They are:

  • Squats : the classic squat demands a great effort to the gluteus maximus and also allows us to work other muscles that contribute to lifting and shaping the gluteus, hence its importance. In addition, we can incorporate a variety of variants to our routine.
  • Strides : the same as squats allow a variety of variants and we can perform with or without any sporting element wherever we are. The classic stride is one of the most effective for working the gluteus maximus, but if we look for a complete job in the area, it is better to also make crossed strides backwards .
  • Dead weight : it is another big among the basic exercises that is very helpful to give volume and shape to the buttocks and other muscles of the back and lower part of our body. We can make different variants but even in its most classic form it will give us results.

Hip extensions in all their forms

One of the most important functions of the gluteus is to extend the hip , so that all the movements that involve this gesture will serve for your work and strengthening. For example:

  • Donkey kick : from a quadruped position, with knees and forearms on the ground, we will raise the flexed leg to line up the thigh with the hip as shown. This gesture admits some variants such as raising the leg crosswise or performing the same movement with the extended or standing leg .
  • Glute bridge or elevation of the pelvis on the floor : it is a classic that allows you to work intensely on your buttocks and we can execute it even more intensely if we perform it on one leg or with any weight on the pelvis. You can see his execution technique.

Other exercises to work glutes at home

In addition to the more classic already mentioned, there are other movements that allow us to work glutes at home or wherever we are without equipment, for example:

  • Hip abduction : standing, in quadruped, or lying on your side we can raise and separate a leg to work abductors and glutes at the same time. Hip abduction is another of the basic functions of the buttocks, so any exercise that involves it will be helpful for your work.
  • Spartan reverence : it consists of touching with one hand, the tip of the foot of the opposite side having supported a single leg on the ground as shown. It is an intense movement that we can do without any equipment to strengthen glutes at home.
  • Inverted flutter of legs : also called reverse flutter kicks consists of alternately raising the extended legs from a lying down position, without mobilizing the trunk or the pelvis.

These movements without any equipment can help you work your buttocks at home or wherever you are to not stop training on these dates.

Written by suNCh8

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