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We all know that it is easy to look beautiful when you have a professional team doing your make-up for you and editing every photograph to perfection. However, some celebrities still manage to look stunning even without the makeup and the photo magic! Rather than going crazy with envy, we decided to try to learn a little something from these naturally beautiful women. Of course non-surgical treatments such as those offered Thread Lift Cardiff company can enhance a person natural beauty and are used greatly by celebrities.

Sit down, grab a cleansing cup of green tea, and read on to learn their secrets.

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Taylor Swift

Of course, Tay Tay is famous for her signature cat-eye eyeliner and striking red lipstick, but she still looks gorgeous when her face is bare. In shots of her without make-up, Taylor looks as fresh-faced and flawless as you would expect. Taylor’s beauty secrets include drinking a huge amount of water to keep her skin hydrated throughout her busy schedule and exercising every day.

Gina Rodriguez

With her cute freckles and glowing skin, Gina always looks amazing! She has been known to post the odd natural selfie showing off her enviable skin and even posed for a make-up free photoshoot. Gina’s beauty secret is simple: wash your face morning and night! We can probably all manage that one.

Gigi Hadid

The Victoria’s Secret Model was scouted at an early age thanks to her natural beauty, and she remains as gorgeous as ever. She is frequently spotted out and about showing off her fresh-faced look, and she posts regular selfies without make-up. Gigi’s mum taught her to put toothpaste on her pimples at night to dry them out, and judging by her clear, fresh complexion, it must work! In fact, the Huffington Post once put this trick to the test.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has always been famous for her beautiful skin, and she recently revealed her secret: a regular skin peel. Skin peels might sound scary, but the careful removal of the outer layer of skin can leave your face looking refreshed and clear. Gwyneth follows her peel with deep moisturisation, and she cares for her skin with gentle exfoliation.

Following these skin care regimes as well as visiting a non-surgical beauty treatment company is a brilliant way to go.

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