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Experts say that the printing of books is a sector in decline, at least understood from the classical perspective. Although more and more the defenders of the electronic book have not stopped publishing books in the traditional way (every day are still coming to light new volumes).

What has certainly changed is the way of understanding the publishing market. The new technology applied to the graphic field has adapted to reality, where printing on demand is the main protagonist.

The printing of books todayThis reality which, a prior, might seem negative for the sector has produced a democratization of print publication. Now, not only successful writers or the big publishers can publish books. Any fond of writing with something to say can order the printing of his book to a specialized company for very little money.

The author simply choose the number of copies depending on the budget and distribution plans and the company handles print, bind and produce the custom with a very short delivery times. Modern machinery allows small runs at a very low cost with unthinkable quality a few years ago.

In the field of scanning and digitization there have also been great strides. Specialized businesses can take care of small orders of printing books using as reference physical copies without having to copy remaquetar to facilitate the client, which is much more comfortable.

If you had thought about becoming a writer, if you are an author of several texts and want to see the light to get them to your immediate environment or to a wider audience, look for a company specializing in book printing. Nowadays it is easier than ever to publish your manuscript with the best value for money.

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