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No matter what type or style of property you own, from a quintessential Country Cottage to a large, detached house, the most practical, visually appealing, safe and economical lighting solution is to have downlights installed alongside their essential Downlight Covers.  These innovative and clever Covers or Hoods, help to considerably reduce heat loss, improve airtightness and reduce energy consumption.  Easy to fit and recognised by fire safety experts as a safe and effective way to seriously reduce the risk of fires, especially when fitted in an attic or loft.  Meeting strict building regulations and endorsed by the building Industry these covers are an essential and potentially life saving part of your home’s lighting system.

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Downlights are an incredibly popular choice when it comes to efficiently lighting a home, but not everyone stops to consider the impact they have on heat loss and energy consumption!  By creating a gap between the light-fitting and the ceiling they can provide a space for warm air to escape and cool air to enter.  The unique and cleverly designed Covers or Hoods form an airtight seal around the gap positively affecting your heat loss and lowering energy bills.

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Stopping small insects from entering your home, they also block dust, improve the overall air quality, help prevent timber rot and of course deter the risk of a serious fire. Easily fitted by a DIY novice these Hoods are a cost-effective, safe investment for any home.

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