How To Seal Your Paver Driveway


If you would like to keep your paver driveway in optimal condition, applying a sealant is a great choice. Pavers can quickly degenerate as they absorb moisture and other wear and tear. A well-maintained driveway is also less likely to result in slips, trips, and falls.

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With a few simple steps, you can seal your paver driveway yourself with minimal hassle.

Prepare the Surface

Always ensure that your paver driveway is completely clean, dry, and free of debris before attempting to apply sealant so it can work effectively. Check the weather in advance and allow dry days for sweeping the area, removing stains, and the use of a pressure cleaner. For this step, many people choose to hire professionals to ensure that they have the best possible start.

Choose a reputable and experienced firm in your area, such as, a driveway cleaning service in Evesham. This initial outlay will allow you to be completely certain you are not sealing in any stains, debris, or impurities. It is also equally important to give the driveway enough time to dry thoroughly, even if this means allowing a day longer than you would expect, depending on your climate.

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Select the Appropriate Sealer

Once you have calculated the amount of sealant you will need based on the dimensions of your driveway, choose one that is appropriate for your material. For example, you might choose clay or concrete. It is also important to select a solvent-based sealant that will not break down in the elements. You can prevent the wear and tear to your driveway for your own use, but it may be especially important if others use or rent your driveway. A BBC report has even suggested that private driveways may eventually become the new car parks for crowded cities.

The Sealing Process

Follow the instructions on your sealant carefully and begin applying it with a roller from the corner of the driveway. Consider renting a spray applier machine for solvents that are thin enough to be applied in this way.

Aftercare and Follow-up

Be sure not to drive on your freshly sealed driveway for 24 hours, and wait at least three to four hours before walking on it. Reapply approximately every two years, and your driveway will stay in optimal condition for a lifetime.

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