Make Sure Your Dream Wedding Isn’t a Guests’ Nightmare


It started out so wonderfully, but somewhere along the way, the pressures of having the perfect wedding all became a little too much. No one has said it, but you can see it in their smiles: your best friend turned into a Bridezilla.

Make Sure Your Dream Wedding Isnt a Guests Nightmare

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It’s hardly surprising. Making sure everything is perfect is a full-time job, but sometimes we get so enthralled by the details that should make everything perfect that we miss the subtle signs that everything is not right.

How can you keep your guests happy without ruining your wedding? Here are some suggestions.

Limit the Wedding Party’s Duties

It might seem like a great way to get all your friends involved, but remember that you and your future spouse are the ones throwing the party. The last thing you should be doing is putting demands on your friends to provide you with the perfect day. There are some tasks you can outsource. Booking the band is a good Best Man job but limit it to small, standalone tasks. If you make your Maid of Honour in charge of hair and make-up, you’re denying her the all-important pre-wedding champagne and you’re cutting into her own preparation time.

Book A Good Photographer Early

We live in an age where we want photos of everything, so you can expect that guests will want to take their photos. However, if you want to control how the memories are captured by asking friends to limit phone camera use, it’s best to assure them that good, professional shots will be online.

If you’re searching for Hampshire wedding photography options, studios such as are a good place to start. Don’t wait until the last minute; the best photographers tend to book up the earliest.

Arrange Edible Food

A lot of wedding catering, especially finger food, is designed to look gorgeous and impress. Bear in mind that your guests might have woken up earlier than usual and skipped breakfast, and that glass of champagne might go to their heads.

Let your caterer know that the buffet items should be easy to eat standing up and shouldn’t be the type of food that falls apart in the hand.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to a wedding everyone can enjoy.

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