Choosing a Wedding Photographer


When it comes to forever memories of your big day, you’ll want the best when it comes to your photos. You need to convey the joy and emotion that surrounds the event, to incorporate the special environment that you have chosen and to convey the spirit of fun and glamour as well. Finding a stunning location will help too. For Function Rooms Newbury, visit

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What you need

Someone who understands that you want to have fun. The photographer will ask you to pose for pictures, but they want you happy and relaxed. Couples who are stressed do not make for great photos so make sure your photographer knows what you feel comfortable with.

Choosing a photo style that you both want before researching the photographer is a good idea so you can find one that offers that style. There are many different styles in case you are not au fait with them, they include contemporary and edgy, documentary style, art, or portraits. Which do you think fits you? Have a look at websites to see examples of weddings that photographers have previously worked on. Read online reviews from newlyweds to see what they say.

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If you like what you see on some sites, organize some informal interviews if the photographer you choose is available on your date. It’s important that you meet with them in person and take a closer look at how they work. Tell them about your plans, location of the wedding, clothing and theme and see if you get along personality-wise.

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