Checklist for Wedding Photography


Planning your wedding can be stressful. A wedding photography checklist will simplify your arrangements. This is not a list you have to carry around, but a way of ensuring that nothing gets missed. It’s a great way to create a photo album that includes all of your favourite moments.

Wedding photography checklist:

  • Pre Wedding.
  • First-look.
  • Wedding Day.
  • Post Wedding.
  • Wedding Portrait List.
  • Wedding Party Photos List.
  • Wedding Photo Album.

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If you don’t want to regret not photographing a relative or wanting your photos taken in a different place, then creating a checklist will be the best solution. Check out the ideas for wedding photography that will help you bring your story to life. For an Indian Wedding Photographer, visit

Photographers Have Their Own Wedding Photo List

Professional photographers have experience and creativity. However, curating the wedding photo list is important. Your personal wedding checklist will ensure that no moments are missed. Professional photographers understand the process, and can capture traditional moments in a creative way.

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Don’t let it be a chance. You can use your wedding portrait list to arrange the people and elements you want captured. Talk to your photographer about whether they prefer spontaneity or a shot list based on style.

It’s time to visualise shots that are important to you — group moments, special places. You can customise your wedding day by creating a list of photos for your wedding party.

Your wedding family photo album will capture the love. Include essential family moments by working closely with your photographer.

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