Being A Bridezilla!


Have you ever heard the term ‘Bridezilla’? This is a bride to be that has gotten so stressed over her wedding plans that she turns into an absolute nightmare to deal. Everyone from the dress fitter to the flower lady has had an earful and someone needs to calm this woman down before she explodes.

Planning a wedding is stressful, there can seem so many things to organise in a short space of time. However, if you’re alienating your nearest and dearest or having petty disagreements with your spouse to be, then perhaps you’re dangerously close to entering Bridezilla zone! Here are some tips to get you back from the brink and to be a cool, calm and collected bride-to-be:

Don’t Assume That Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Be Involved

Many brides assume that they must organise everything and the partner isn’t that interested. However, unless you’ve heard this directly from the horse’s mouth, don’t assume that it’s the case. They might be reluctant to step on your toes but if you could use the help, then by golly, ask for it! Planning can be much more fun if you do it together and appreciate each other’s opinions. It’s a good start to wedded bliss as well! Why not put them in charge of the venue?

Remember not to let the guests get to drunk

There is a lone between getting drunk and getting hammered.  If you let your guests cross the line on your big day it could end badly.  Some people forget what they are doing and where they are.  There are stories of people people food, bottles, rubbish and whole toilet rolls down toilets thinking it would be funny.  As a bride it will then be your responsibility to call the Blocked Drains Kent service to fix it for you.

Remember The Reasons Why You Are Getting Married

When everything gets stress and it’s all about napkins, favours and first dance choices, it’s easy to forget what started all of it in the first place. It’s just one day, so get some perspective and also remember that as long as you two are together, the day will be perfect no matter what happens as you’re sharing it with the person you love most. Too much perfectionism in the planning can mean dreading the day instead of enjoying it.

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Set Boundaries

Don’t go overboard financially or you’ll just add to your stress. It’s easy for things to escalate and you’ll find yourself wanting things and demanding things that you don’t have the budget for. Nobody wants to begin their married life in tons of debt, so stay happy and stick to your budget.

Don’t View Other Weddings As Competition

By focusing on your own style and what you want is important. If you’re constantly looking at what others are doing, you will become a Bridezilla. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in making your wedding bigger and better than everybody else’s. Yes, you want your day to be special and amazing but never set your sights on something just because someone else did it that way. Forge your own path with your own style. By all means get inspiration and ideas from others but don’t make it a contest.


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