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Whether you’re just starting a business or you’ve been up and running for some time, keeping your website up to date is crucial as it’s a portal to your market. This means your website has to be effective so that it can compete in today’s cut-throat marketing environment. It’s a challenging proposition to design your website so it’s marketed efficiently to your potential customers. To help you avoid the common obstacles, the following marketing tips will ensure your website design has the latest ideas.

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Choose a design that is functional

When thinking about your website design, consider the perspective of your clients and how they’ll view your website. It’s all very well having a beautiful layout, but is it practical for the purpose of the website? Weave in colours and fonts that match your brand so it offers customers readability alongside an aesthetically attractive design. For advice on how to design a site for Shopify, consider Shopify Website Design from a site like https://www.etempa.co.uk/shopify-web-design/

Make your website responsive

When deciding on your design you have to take into account what devices your customers will be using to access the site. With the growing number of different apps available, your website has to function on all devices, from mobile phones to laptops. Problems will arise if your site doesn’t load well on a range of different devices. The chances are you’ll be losing potential customers and they’ll end up using your competitors.

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Keep navigation simple

It’s all too easy to want to include everything on your website but sometimes this can be more of a turn off for users rather than an attractive option for staying on your site. Placing numerous links in your menus, sidebars and posts can over-complicate the navigation options. Think about how your clients are going to be using your site and include only essential designs. You might find it more beneficial to call in help from a professional web designer to get you on the right track.

If you do research before you seriously start designing your website, it will help you to optimise your content and maximise the site’s search ranking. It may take time to get right, but as long as you keep in mind your primary focus, your web design will succeed and you will continue to attract visitors and conversions!

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