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If you have just set up your own business or perhaps you are looking to refresh your business branding, you may be looking for web design companies to create a fully branded and functional website. They are amazing at what they create and often produce beautiful websites which are not only functional, but pleasing to the eyes. For a Web designer Exeter, go to exeter.nettl.com/digital/website-design

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Your website can be compared to a giant advertisement board for your business or, if you are a product-based company, your website could be your virtual shop. Here are some fascinating facts about web design.

People will judge your site very quickly. They are looking for an easy-to-navigate website. Around 38% of users will abandon a site if the design is unattractive. 48% say that the design affects their opinion of the company’s credibility. The first impressions you get when meeting someone face-to-face are just as important as those of a website. It is believed that visitors will form an opinion about your website in the first 10-20 seconds of browsing. Your website should appeal to your target market, and be accessible to the typical types of customers.

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People get bored very quickly when browsing through websites. If your website takes longer than a few seconds to load, it’s estimated that more than 45% will abandon your site before it even loads. You should consult your web designer before adding any images or multimedia items to your website. 39% of users will leave a site if the images take too long to load, or worse yet they do not load at all.

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