What to see in Toronto?


Toronto is not in itself a city with a great tourist attraction, but it contains attractions and most importantly, is next to the Niagara Falls. In this article we want to show you what to see in Toronto.

Niagara Falls from Toronto

Cinema has commissioned well to become one of the most legendary tourist centers. The falls are in the meander of the Niagara River, which connects lakes Erie and Ontario and we can see them from the US or from the Canadian border.

What to see in TorontoSince the latter is a real demand for a more spectacular view is achieved. Casinos, restaurants, hotels and other entertainment venues are located in this area. To get from Toronto we can hire a tour, those that offer a tour through the area Falls, or we can go on our own taking a bus at the station to leave us in the village and from there another bus or walk.

Among the most captivating attractions are the Maid of the Mist boat or the Journey Behind the Falls. During the first we may be very close to the falls, but only sails in the summer. The Journey behind the fall is more exciting because we can see the falls from within. Another activity of Niagara Falls is Skylon Tower, where we can achieve stunning photographs and views of the whole place.

What to visit in Toronto?

As for the places that you can visit in Toronto are the most special are definitely…

Royal Ontario Museum: It is the most important museum in the city and therefore the greatest cultural reference. Inside we can discover shows of art and natural history and fantastic exhibitions.

Casa Loma: It’s a huge mansion built in 1914 that led to his own ruin by its high maintenance costs. Years later was opened to the public as a museum. It is curious that in a modern city so there is room for this beautiful old mansion.

CN Tower: It is the symbol of Toronto and its most recognizable building. It is one of the towers highest in the world communication, so from their viewpoint can admire the entire city. In the middle part of the tower are a pretty impressive glass floor and a restaurant. Ideally, let us go a cleared to appreciate the magnitude of the height day.

Another attraction of Toronto are the sporting events, if we are there and can attend a party, both hockey, the national sport, like baseball or basketball, we must not miss the opportunity.

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