What to eat in Japan?


If you plan to travel to land Nipponese recommend you immerse yourself in its varied and healthy cuisine, which both is spreading throughout world. We give some suggestions to know what to eat in Japan, you accompany us?

The best dishes to eat in Japan

Most definitely known is the Sushi: It is raw or semi raw fish with rice and wrapped in nori. You usually put soy sauce, wasabi and marinated ginger as accompaniment. In this line we have the onigiri, triangle rice wrapped in algae that can be filled with different types of fish.

But start at the beginning, breakfasts traditional. We serve many dishes that will be included rice, soup, sautéed vegetables and fish … at least.

What to eat in JapanFor lunch or dinner there are many alternatives bodied and Asian flavor that cannot help try.

Tempura: It is breaded seafood and vegetables with vegetable oil. It is a somewhat lighter fried that has become the preferred choice of closed palate.

Sukiyaki: Is one of the most important and common national dishes. A bowl with boiling all ingredients which include meat and vegetables is served. Hence everyone is picking and bathing in the beaten egg there on the plate of each. The soy sauce is also present.

Fugu: Surely you’ve heard it can be poisonous if not cooked well. This is true, but do not have to distrust, since they do very well there this species of puffer fish.

Sashimi: Remember the sushi but not wrapped. Raw fish or meat cut into thin slices and seasonings like ginger, or ponzu sauce.

Pasta in soup: The Japanese consumers use different types of noodles normally immersed more consistent with ingredients such as meat or vegetables. We have Soba, Udon or Ramen to choose from.

As for the drinks, try not to let their wide range of teas and the famous sake. Nor do we forget the desserts: Mochi (rice cake), Daifuku (rice cake stuffed with ice cream, cream) or Dorayaki (cake stuffed sweet bean paste) among others.

What cannot be missing in most of the dishes are chopsticks, a difficult tradition to imitate at first, but as you get the hang will not miss cutlery.

And it is that Japanese culture has a lot of custom, also in the order in which they should serve each meal. Although increasingly becomes less, mountain products, secondly the sea and ultimately those from the countryside are served first. The Kuchigaware (antipasti, fish and vegetables served in this order) still this scheme.

In short, a cuisine where rice, vegetables, meat and raw fish are the stars … .so as soybeans. A world of flavors that you cannot miss.

What dishes would opt for eating you when you go to Japan?

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