Travel to Japan: 5 Places You Can not Miss


Japan is one of the most attractive destinations the world can visit. The reasons for traveling to Japan are countless: Its great history and culture, the variety and beauty of its landscapes or the hospitality of its people … The country of the rising sun has been able to combine its ancient traditions with the latest advances and technologies.

Travel to Japan 5 Places You Can not MissThe Asian country invites us to live unforgettable experiences and discover exciting destinations. Here are some of those visits that you can not miss if you decide to travel to Japan:


The capital is also the most populated city in the world, with more than 38 million inhabitants. A megacity that seems endless and in which we find many places to lose that allow us to better understand the culture, art and Japanese society. Due to the large number of points of interest and attractions for the visit, a visit may only allow us to discover a small part of the city, hence it is very important to plan our trip previously, knowing very well which are the sites that we Can attract attention.


It is the second most popular destination in Japan. It is a city that has an incredible historical heritage, with 15 places declared Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO. Kyoto is fundamental to understanding Japanese culture as we know it today. It is another essential visit when traveling to Japan, which will surprise us by its great beauty and all its attractions.


The contrast to the previous cities is found in Kamakura, a city that emanates peace and tranquility. Not for nothing, it has one of the best collections of Buddhist shrines and temples throughout the country. We can not miss the huge Buddha statue and its lovely gardens.


This important Japanese city is the perfect example of the combination of history and modernity offered by Japan. It is one of the most important ports and shopping centers in the country, but it also has many temples, gardens and green areas where you can enjoy absolute tranquility.


Despite being virtually destroyed by a nuclear bomb in World War II, it is now a modern city and serves as the junction between Japan and the Western world. In fact, it is known as the most European city in the country. It is also the best example of overcoming the Japanese. With the aim of remembering the history and not forgetting the terrible effects that wars have, the “Peace Park” was built, reminding the victims of the atomic bombing. You can not miss a visit to the Sofuku-ji temple, which will captivate us with its unique and beautiful architecture.

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