The traditional Temazcal ceremony


The Temazcal is a prehispanic ceremony practiced throughout Mesoamerica and consistent steam baths have therapeutic effects and take us back to the ancient Indian tradition of america.

Temazcal refers to one of the oldest cultures: Meshicas, becoming one of the most priceless treasures of Mexico. Therefore, today we are talking about a tourist attraction with all its architectural and ceremonial ingredients. Dare to walk around this historic ritual.

Temazcal ceremony

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Temazcal saves a deeper relationship with spiritual matters, since according to ancient tradition dictates the Meshicas culture, was the Temazcal igloo-shaped symbolizing the womb of mother earth where people work to live. This involved four primary elements for human fulfillment: water, earth, air and fire.

This is responsible for harmonizing mint and purify the body and spirit. That is why part of this ancestral ceremony Temascal dictates a sacred tribute to Mother Earth who provides food for their children to give them happiness.

What is the Temazcal?

When this first ritual culminates with cleansing herbs and copal, we are in direct contact with the Temazcal. Tourists and participants should sit to sweat with the steam generated with volcanic stones. This is a very aromatic tea beneficial to health under the cultural belief blesses and gives strength to the motherland and the people we love.

The next part will detoxification, which is nothing but an aspect of physiological nature and that should cure the ailments of the body and soul. Although for many it’s just an interesting strategy spa experience that exists in this ceremonial session is a harmony and find himself.

Temazcal benefits to health

From the point of view of the benefits of health Temazcal The Temazcal is responsible for eliminating uric acid, lactic acid, and heavy metals are absorbed in modern societies. Keep in mind that it is not recommended for pregnant women, small children or people who have heart problems or diabetes.

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