The plot thickens: Where can you find land


If you are looking to expand your business or build new homes, finding the right plot is the main priority. You might have certain requirements, such as good road or public transport links. Price and location are other important factors for all buyers.

It is always best to set up a spreadsheet listing all of your requirements. You can code them according to essential requirements and areas where you might be prepared to compromise.

The plot thickens Where can you find land

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You can also use a specialist agency to help you find the land, and you can look on Google Maps or Streetview to have a virtual tour of the area if you are not completely familiar with it.

It is advisable to get to know your local town planning department because they can advise on areas that are earmarked for development. They can also advise you on any new infrastructure plans in the pipeline such as new roads or bypasses, which will be useful in your search for land.

Consider brownfield sites for development

It is also worth considering development on brownfield sites because of the lack of green spaces on which to build. Brownfield sites have previously been developed and were often used for industrial or commercial purposes.

According to Sustainable Build, there are more than 66,000 hectares of brownfield sites in England, with about one-third of these being in the highly-desired South-East, Greater London and East England.

The land will need to be assessed by a specialist to see if it is contaminated and whether development is possible. If it looks likely that you can build on a particular site, you will need to work out what remediation work is necessary by contacting a specialist firm such as

Cleaning up brownfield sites often finds favour with planners because it gets rid of eyesores such as derelict sites whilst cleaning up health hazards.

Possibility of tax relief on brownfield sites

It might also be possible to get land remediation relief from corporation tax that is available for capital and revenue expenditure. Your accountant should be able to advise on this.

Developing brownfield sites is also a priority for the government, with David Cameron earmarking £1.2bn for developers to clear sites for house building.

Finding land, particularly for large-scale development, can be a relatively smooth process with the right advisors in tow.

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