The most beautiful scenery in Mongolia


If you like natural scenery and adventure, Mongolia is the perfect place. A country with an ancient history that you can breathe in each of its corners. It is the nineteenth largest country in the world, but its contrast of steppes, deserts and mountainous areas has turned most of the population homeless. I approached some of its most beautiful landscapes.

Mongolia has an Asian charm that attracts increasingly more tourists. And it is that its landscapes and sunsets are stuck in the retina.

The most beautiful scenery in MongoliaThe most impressive landscapes of Mongolia

It is difficult to choose among such beauty, but today you will discover the most impressive places of Mongolia.

-The Gobi Desert. Its dunes, steppes and arid plants make up this space, the southern part of Mongolia. A charming contrast which makes it one of the must places to visit, and if it can be mounted on a dromedary. Also hosts numerous archaeological excavations in the nemegt basin, where they found numerous fossil treasures.

-The Ghorki-Terelj National Park. A large area of Rocky Mountains with large meadows and tree populations where animals graze at ease, this is what you find you can visit part. A privileged to disconnect from the madding crowd in also recommend discovering the Turtle Rock, the Buddhist temple Ariyabal (from which stand to watch the stunning views) and meet some nomads who take care of their livestock environment.

-Yol Valley. A perfect for hiking and enjoy the contrast of having a place in the desert glacier undoubtedly the biggest surprise of all the way. Not much wildlife beyond some kind of rodent and bird, but if you are looking for quiet, this is your place.

Mongol Altai – mountains. Known as the Golden Mountains of Altai were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998. This is due to the rich biodiversity which houses among its rocks, both flora and fauna. And many plant and animal species you find here are not very common and should be protected.

-Arkhangai. Due to its geographical location, has a very peculiar climate marked by a proprietary blend of mountain and desert areas. Several rivers cross these lands and making them more lush with a magical charm. But perhaps most remarkable are archaeological sites. They have discovered traces of civilization that existed in the s. XIII, i.e. in the Bronze Age.

As you can see, there are few places in Mongolia where to stop to rest, observe or interact with nature, because, after all, the best of this country is how little man has modified its landscape.

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