Interesting trees from around the world


Trees are an essential part of life on earth and there are some incredibly beautiful and majestic varieties found across the globe. Here are just a few of the most unique trees from around the world:

  1. Ta Prohm in Cambodia

Ta Prohm is a stunning religious temple and one of many in the Angkor complex of Siem Reap. The reason for its beauty and popularity with visitors? The abundance of fig and ceiba trees that are growing over the and through the ancient stone, reclaiming the space. If you don’t want your trees reclaiming your property, you might need the services of a Tree Surgeon Chelmsford Basildon way.

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  1. Bristlecone pine

The Bristlecone pine is one heck of a tough customer. Found mainly in the American West, it is incredibly resistant to very bad weather, insects and rot. Some of the individual cones have been dated back to as far as 5000 years ago.

  1. Blue jacaranda

This tree, located in South America produces the most vibrant, intense purple blooms. The colour has attracted many people to use the domesticated species in houseplants around the world.

  1. Ponderosa pines

In Bryce Canyon National Park, you’ll find the Ponderosa pines that can grow up to 150 feet high. These towering and majestic trees can be found in the Agua Canyon Connecting Trail area of the park and are well-worth a visit.

  1. Banyan trees

This is a tree that is actually a fig that sprouts from inside the cracks of other tree species. Eventually they grow around and strangle the host tree. Some are incredibly old, dating back as old as 6,000 years old. Banyan trees are found in many different areas of the world and are unique in that they have the widest trunk circumference of all trees – around 137 feet.

  1. Axel Erlandson and his art trees

A farmer named Axel Erlandson once created trees in such unusual and outstanding shapes but never revealed his secret as to how he got them to grow into such strange shapes.

  1. Joshua trees

Found in the American Southwest, the Joshua tree is actually a type of yucca. Local Mormon pilgrims originally gave them their name because they thought the trees resembled the Biblical character Joshua.

  1. Spider trees

The spider trees of Pakistan are truly incredible. In 2010, serious flooding hit many areas of the country and native spiders took to the trees as the water levels rose. They created elaborate cocoons in the trees that makes for some impressive scenery.

  1. Japanese Maple

These trees are native to East Asia and flower a brilliant pinky red colour proving a popular choice for growing all over the world.

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