Exploring Wild Nephin Ballycroy National Park


Situated in the Northwest of County Mayo, the unique habitat of Wild Nephin Ballycroy is home to a rich and diverse range of flora and fauna. It is a huge wilderness and one of the few places today that remains almost completely untouched by human settlements or interference in any way – a true escape from the urban life and a reminder of the vast and beautiful wonders of nature.

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The Nephin Beg mountains stand proudly over this amazing terrain, as the area west of them is dominated by the Atlantic blanket bog, known as the Owenduff bog – a unique and precious wildlife habitat. If you are planning a visit to this stunning National Park, remember to pack warm clothes such as these aran sweaters https://www.shamrockgift.com/aran-sweaters and good strong footwear. The area receives approximately 2000 mm of rainfall per year, so remember to bring waterproofs too!

There is a visitor centre at the park so you can acquaint yourself with the area before setting off on your travels. Pine Martens, otters and mountain hares are all thriving in the park, which protects this beautiful eco system well, and the proximity to the sea means that eels and salmon are in abundance in the rivers – perfect for hungry otters!

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Birds species also thrive here, ravens, whooper swans, skylarks and sparrow hawks are just a few of the species you may see if you are lucky – bring some binoculars if you are interested in getting a good view of the birds.

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