Dublin Transport for the Business Traveller


If you are a business traveller, you may be more interested in the practicalities of getting around Dublin than the details of the regular tourist haunts. The good news is that the city offers a comprehensive transport system, with plenty of opportunities however you choose to travel.

Dublin Transport for the Business Traveller

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Information Sources

Whether you are attending a conference put on by one of the event companies in Dublin or have a single business meeting, there is plenty of information out there to help you get to your destination – and back again.

The Transport Zone at http://www.dublin.ie/transport/home.htm is a good place to start for information about a variety of different modes of transport in the city. There are pages offering information about everything from the airport and taxis to car hire and train and bus services. You can also find information on there about walking and cycling in and around the Dublin.

For public transport information in real time, you can check out the Transport for Ireland website at http://transportforireland.ie/. The website also offers information on paying on commuter rail services, DART, LUAS and Dublin Bus using the city’s Leap Card system.

Another handy feature of the website is a Journey Planner. If you are attending a Davis events agency conference, for example, you can plan out your complete journey, either by public transport or on foot.

The Options

It is never difficult to find a cab in Dublin, and the relatively small proportions of the city often make walking a very viable option. There is also no shortage of public transport choices.

Dublin Bus offers bus services in and around the city and county, and there are other private companies offering transport into and out of the city. Aircoach offers an express service linking Dublin Airport with the city itself.

The buses offer the most easily accessible and all-encompassing service to most parts of the city and its environs, although the route times can be slow and unpredictable as a result of the Dublin traffic.

The DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) train service operates along the coast between Malahide and Howth and Greystones. There are also Irish Rail services connecting the city with suburbs to the south, north and west. The LUAS tram service also runs frequently, connecting the city centre with southern and south-western suburbs.

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