Dream trip to Asia Gardens & Thai Spa


The peace and serenity of Asian style combine, in perfect balance, with the freshness and exoticism of a tropical line to decorate the sacred walls of Asia Gardens & Thai Spa. Inside we could enjoy a dreamlike experience; we will share with you all in the next few lines.

Asia Gardens & Thai Spa, Temple of Dreams

Through the doors of Asia Gardens & Thai Spa it is like moving in seconds to another world, filled with magic, exoticism and showmanship.

Hall of Asia Gardens & Thai Spa, entered a dream world

Anyone who ventures inside be seduced by the imposing entrance hall, already announced what their rooms ahead bring us beyond this masterful entrance, worthy of the emperors of ancient China.

Dream trip to Asia Gardens & Thai SpaWith timber forest originating in Southeast Asia, this hall is presented as a space of large dimensions, marked with coated silk, wooden fans and various nooks with couches, tables and chairs, where floral motifs are the main protagonist’s ceilings.

At the heart of that entry will see you everywhere surrounded by exquisite pieces of Asian craftsmanship as masks, hand embroidered, tapestries or doors of palaces in wood brocaded fabrics. All this not to mention the breathtaking sculptures, endowed with a mystical and ancient air, which seem to move to another time like carvings of faces carved in stone, lions, images and iconography of Buddha, with watchful eye watches all guests.

Rooms, a luxury to behold

However, one of the treasures saved improve this magical place, lost in the immense of the Costa Blanca, we find represented in the room, they care even the smallest detail in an exquisite way. When you cross the threshold of the door we find an idyllic space, which only have imagined in our deepest dreams.

Wooden furniture in the purest Balinese style and king size beds especially comfortable and wrapped by cotton linens nice touch welcomed us. All this not to mention the presence of a sofa bed, which made our stay, if possible, more pleasant. In addition to this furniture, we were amazed with the latest equipment in image and sound, which for a moment we connected with the reality of the outside world, thanks to its stunning LCD TV 32″, stereo home cinema equipped with CD-DVD a stereo high quality and connection with iPod-iPhone.

Nor can we fail to mention its large mirrors, details of natural flowers, slate floors and chromatic predominance of beige, ecru and gray as backdrop, which merged seamlessly oriental style with another “classie”. Regarding the bathroom, you will not leave indifferent. Cabin separating shower bathtub translucent panels, hair dryer, magnifying mirror, bathtub located strategically to watch TV while we give relaxing bath, are some of the elements that punctuate this intimate space of our room at the Asia Hotel Gardens & Thai Spa.

Magic Gardens Asia Gardens & Thai Spa

Beyond the walls of our stay, we came across a natural environment of unparalleled beauty, like something out of a Japanese poem. We mean neither more nor less than the gardens, in whose heart there emerges a large bonsai. Passing our fingers for its rough bark, for a moment, we feel the force of Mother Earth coursing through our body. For the first time, we feel that connection that has united so natural with ancestral to humans.

However, the treasures in this Wonderland did not end at this point. Besides the comfort and pleasant atmosphere of its rooms and gardens mysticism, we expected a unique journey through the world of the spa, massage and reactivating treatments, which had impressed the Marco Polo himself.

Mystical journey through the world of health and beauty

You will be able to choose from a wide range of options dedicated to health and beauty. One of the experiences that have impressed us is the traditional Thai massage, known as Nuad Boran Phaen in Thailand. The pressure and stretching practiced by professionals, who follow the body’s energy lines throughout the session, resulted in our inner peace and absolute serenity. For a moment, we feel that the worries and stress of everyday life had been only a bad memory.

Another option we also loved were the sessions of Shiatsu, treatment of Japanese origin, consisting in the pressure with thumbs and palms on certain points to correct irregularities. We must admit that renewed out of these sessions. Neither the phoenix rising from the ashes, might feel as vital as us at the end of treatment.

Equally interesting was the hot stone massage or Nuad Hin Ron, who woke all our senses to the limit. This technique is applied from basalt stones at elevated temperatures on different acupressure points, until the heat penetrates the skin and softens our muscles. Never before have we experienced such relaxation.

Along with these treatments, you can also choose other as specific massages for babies and pregnant women, foot massage to improve blood circulation or aromatic massage pads.

As for beauty treatments, in Asia Gardens & Thai Spa we opted for a wonderful bath therapy, immersed in areas dominated by essential oils or salts, ideal to improve circulation and relax your muscles waters. What we are seeing the end of the session was a great peace and relaxation in our body, not to mention the final aromatic massage with rice oil, oriental herbs and plant extracts moved us for a moment to dream environments.

Asia Gardens & Thai Spa ultimately stands as a true Temple of Dreams come true. A halo of mysticism and magic seem to surround its walls, which stand strong and resilient in this corner of our Iberian Peninsula.

Comfort, elegance, finesse and sophistication are some of the notes that could better define this hotel, whose service and customer support is really exquisite. The beauty of the universe and its stars seemed concentrated here.

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