Companions of route: By land, sea and air, what matters is to travel


One more Sunday we present you the proposals of our Companions of Route, who with their trips serve as inspiration and propose us new destinations to know. In this year’s Road Companions, by land, sea and air, what matters is to travel.

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There are many options when planning vacations. A trip to the beach, destination the mountain, maybe we want to go hiking or maybe rent a sailboat to disconnect. To reach our destination there are many options, by car, walking, by boat or by plane and that is why we have prepared this road companions with trips by land, sea and air.

By land…

  • We start by land, since the first proposal is to travel on foot, as is usually done when traveling the Camino de Santiago. This time we accompany those of the blog Next Stop the Moon that teach us the Portuguese Way of the coast in 4 stages.
  • Taking advantage of the fact that we are hiking, and that many will already be thinking about their summer vacations, if your option is to take advantage of the holidays to get fit, Kris around the World talks to us about the concept of Fitness-Vacations or Fitcaciones.
  • A much closer trip, a visit to the Museum of flamenco dancing in Seville, is what Eva recommends, in her blog Donde Vamos Eva, where besides seeing costumes, sculptures and everything related to the toque, singing and dancing flamenco, had the opportunity to listen to a good selection of flamenco clubs.
  • If you prefer to travel by car, also within the first part of traveling by land, those with boots and backpacks, have what it takes to plan one of the most famous routes in the world, Route 66 and the West Coast of the United States, which already have almost ready with budget, itinerary and other details.

By sea…

  • If you want to travel by sea and you have the idea of ​​taking a long trip on a large ship or cruise, it will be good for you to follow the gaits of Infinite Latitudes that plan a cruise on the Baltic, and you have already begun to put your teeth into planning. Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Russia are the countries that will travel.
  • We can also take a much shorter trip, like the one we are offered in the East by the West, which has been very close to the Portuguese Algarve and from there we have been suggested to go by boat to Ponta da Piedade to see it from the sea.

By air …

  • To cross the Atlantic and discover what Canada has to offer, we travel by air, in the company of which he tells us about the non- stop travel when he told us about his first days in this country with the Canadian Visa Working Holiday Visa or WHV.
  • Much more to the south but also in the American continent, we arrive by air to discover the Atacama desert in the company of Planet Walker whose photo we have used to illustrate this Companions of Route.
  • We also flew in the company of 365 Saturdays traveling to Vietnam, we traveled on a fantastic route of 21 days in which we took the opportunity to discover this Asian country in depth.
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