With the Brave browser you can support your favorite youtubers through donations

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Soon Brave, the browser sponsored by one of the creators of JavaScript and exCEO Mozilla , Brendan Eich, will be two years. From that first contact until today, the initiative has explored different paths in order to differentiate. Making a hole is usually not easy.

He started with the idea of ​​being faster blocking ads, managing to accelerate his load by 140% in desk and 200% in mobiles. That approach, however, did not seem sufficient and Brave announced that it would replace the blocking of advertisements by their own advertising , supposedly free of bad practices, whose benefits would be distributed between their organization and their users.

Without much more noise, to that controversial feature added in April various identity protection technologies from Tor and, a little over a year ago, a system of micropayments to websites based on Bitcoin . A way to donate money to websites without using third-party services. That feature embraces the creators of YouTube today.

Brave Payments expands with donations to youtubers

Now, with Brave 0.19.95 for desktop , this system of payments to web pages is extended to the content creators of YouTube. Brave Payments will allow you to make donations directly to the youtubers themselves , without this money passing through the hands of Google.

It will be enough to have cryptocurrencies or add funds in the Brave portfolio. From there, if youtuber has verified your channel in the browser system, any of your followers can include it in their list of donations . Being able to donate a fixed amount on a monthly basis or allowing the contributions to be made automatically according to the time they spend watching their videos.

The browser itself will also detect the channels that users see, even if the videos are embedded in websites other than YouTube, making it even easier to support them.

Given the difficult situation that many youtubers have reached in recent months, with incomes that are no longer what they were , this form of patronage can be helpful . Creators with more committed communities can find a way to finance through Brave, as well as those with less than 10,000 views , who do not receive any type of advertising income from YouTube.

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