Why choose PTFE on hard anodising?

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Hard anodising provides high wear resistance and has a low friction coefficient. Both these properties are highly demanded in industries. A dry lubricant such as PTFE can be applied for this purpose. It may be applied to a sealed or an unsealed surface. To seal the surface before applying PTFE is better than keeping the surface unsealed. In this way, you can enhance the corrosion resistance of the coating. Hence, hard anodising PTFE is much better than a simple one.

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Fasteners, molds, threads, etc. require less coefficient of friction. Hard anodising PTFE is the best solution for such parts and components. Find out more about Hard Anodising PTFE at a site like https://www.poeton.co.uk/treatments/

Reason to choose PTFE on hard anodising:

Following are the reason why you should choose PTFE on hard anodising:

Low coefficient of friction:

PTFE has a very low coefficient of friction. It is best for the parts where fewer frictions are required. Such parts should be PTFE coated.

PTFE on the surface of hard anodising:

PTFE is suitable for application on the exterior of hard anodising. It can be a typical misinterpretation that PTFE gets through the pores of the anodised covering however the this is not the case according to experts.

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Non-stick nature:

It has non-stick nature. It means you can apply stickers and paint on them as well. It is best for the applications where use of paint is necessary.

Cost Effective:

Besides the excellent qualities of PTFE hard anodising coating like durability and low friction, it is very cost effective. This makes it best choice for many industries.

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