This program allows you to create audiobooks from any text

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Reading is one of those pleasures that, unfortunately, require time to sit down with a book (or an ebook) in your hands and consume a good chunk of our time. Unfortunately, we live in times when we do not always have that couple of hours to invest in reading, so there are audio books. Thanks to them we can do any task while someone reads us, say, The Pillars of the Earth.

This program allows you to create audiobooks from any textAnd is it difficult to create an audiobook? Well, if you have this program that we are going to talk to you, it is not at all. Thanks to AudioBookMaker you can convert any text that you can open on your computer in an audiobook and export it to an MP3 file that you can take anywhere to listen on your mobile phone or your player.

Creating audiobooks with this program, in fact, is very simple. Open any document and copy it, then paste it in the text field and press the play button, to check that the program can read it perfectly. It also allows you to also import Microsoft Word documents (only if Microsoft Office is installed) as well as HTML files.

In addition to the button to play the text, it has controls to choose a different voice and change characteristics of the text reading. Among them is the speed of reading, the tone and volume of the voice you read. It also recognizes other audio engines present in the operating system and lists them under the available voices.

Now, if the pronunciation of the program seems too unnatural, AudioBookMaker supports different pronunciation dictionaries, which can be added to the program to customize the pronunciation of words, abbreviations and phrases, even to replace words.

Once you have reproduced the text and verified that it reads correctly, you have changed the parameters that best fit your tastes and everything is as you want, you can import the text to an MP3 or WAV file through the button Which has drawn a play button and a floppy disk.

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