The Windows 10 disk space releaser will make more sense in the next version of the system

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The disc space release will finally have a modern version in the next version of Windows 10, which we know so far as Spring Creators Updateand should be arriving this month to all users.

How they show in WinBuzzer , now there will be new options to free up disk space directly from the Windows Configuration menu , much more complete than we currently have, and much closer to what the classic space liberator offers.

This has to do with something that we have already talked about, with the next version of Windows 10 we will be closer than ever to say goodbye to the Control Panel , since Microsoft has started to integrate almost all the settings in the Configuration menu. that still exist outside of him.

The current disk space liberator is a fairly old version and maintains the classic interface, like other Control Panel tools, but it coexists and will continue to coexist (although its days are probably numbered) with the storage options in the modern menu.

That liberator of classic space is even quite hidden, the easiest way to access it is to look for it in the Windows search menu, there are no direct accesses to it anywhere. Windows already prefers you to use the options on the Configuration page, but they currently fall short in comparison.

Once the Spring Creators Update arrives and we have the new version of Windows, we can access the new space liberator through the Configuration (Windows key + I) by going to the options System and then Storage .

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