Surprising Things You Might Not Know Your Mobile Phone Can Do

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Have you ever wondered what you can do with your mobile phone that most people don’t even realise is possible? Do you ever wonder what all of those applications do that you never use? Do you ever think of learning about the different features on your smartphone that might enable you to take amazing photos or short videos? You can find many different applications and tools on the app store and android marketplace that are free and give you all sorts of fun and interesting experiences. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should do so right away. You might be surprised at what you find and unlock things about your phone you had no idea were there!


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Did you know that there is an app for diagnosing car problems? Plugging your phone into the in-car adaptor will provide you with a diagnosis tool. The app can also do things like alert your family if you’re in an accident and remind you where you parked your car! Find out more about the latest Vodafone Tullamore deals at a site like King Communications

Wenn das Android-Smartphone abstürzt: Abgesicherter Modus. Ein Android-Smartphone: Nutzer müssen ihr Handy nicht immer direkt auf den Werkzustand zurücksetzen, wenn es Probleme gibt. (Quelle: imago images/Aflo)

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Your phone can act as a spirit level when you are decorating and also check whether the batteries in your TV remote are dead or not. Instead of scrolling through your hundreds of photos, you can search by category to narrow down what you’re looking for. You don’t even need a QR code app anymore as modern smartphones can read QR codes simply by placing the camera in front of them.

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