Spotify needs your help to improve the data of its artists, albums and songs

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Spotify wants to improve the data that describes the music it offers, from the information that classifies artists and albums through the sensations caused by the songs, and for that it wants to count on the help of its users through a new tool, Line-In , announced a few hours ago.

Line-In is accessible from the desktop application, through the option Suggest an edition , which appears by clicking on the three points next to an artist, album or song or by right clicking on the element to be edited. “By experimenting with this tool, we hope to better understand how Spotify listeners interpret music, so we can improve the experiences of both listeners and artists,” they explain.

Getting a competitive advantage

An edition can be suggested by clicking on the three points next to an artist, album or song or by right-clicking on the specific item to be edited.

With the improvement of data such as explicitness, gender, aliases, languages ​​or labels, in addition to providing a better service that results in the users themselves, the company can achieve a competitive advantage over more or less direct rivals such as Tidal or Apple Music , by perfecting the information coming from the record companies, intermediaries or the artists themselves.

The question that some users will ask themselves is: Why should I worry about editing things? And Spotify, in those FAQs we talked about, answers:

Use your musical prowess to do good! By suggesting edits to our information about artists, albums and songs, you will help artists connect with more fans and help others discover new music by driving our personalization engines. More selfishly speaking, you can also peruse Line-In to find new and interesting information about the music you like, something that is not available in our application.

Of course, they add, “this is not a wiki” .

The help, moreover, does not end in proactive editions, the indication of erroneous data or the addition of new details. If we access the main page of Line-In we will be offered different surveys by themes in which we will do the same, improve or add information about artists, albums and songs, but in a different way that in some way reminds questions about places that Google Maps makes from its mobile application to users with altruistic vocation.

From Spotify they add that Line-In is a work in progress and that they will add features over time.

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