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You probably do not have any assets, but VPN services are used by more and more people. Whether to hide your traffic through encryption or to access limited content depending on the country where we live, setting up a good VPN is the living proof that the network is the user that can juggle and skip the limitations of companies and governments.

Seven free VPN servicesHowever, the vast majority of these services are paid for. Not for less, since it is a service that requires having one or several computers or servers working in unison with our traffic. But are there any free alternatives? Let’s see what services we can start using VPN services without paying a cent, even with certain limits.


Within what fits, Hola is one of the VPN tools that are proven by its ease of use. Just install your browser extension and we can access content limited by countries without problems. It usually works, although it sometimes has connection failures; and is free provided we do not use it for commercial purposes.

Anyway, a caveat: some browsers have had bugs that have filtered our IP through some of their services, so you have to be aware if we want to use that application as “center” from where to have our VPN service configured.


TunnelBear is another tool that is promoted by its ease of use, but this time through applications for Windows and OS X that remove the geographical barriers of some services and provide us with security encrypting our traffic. Free for 500 MB monthly download, or 1 GB if we promote the service on our Twitter accounts.

Private Tunnel

This option is perhaps the most limited of all for free, since it only offers us 100 MB of monthly traffic. Anyway, Private Tunnel protects us from threats that may appear in public Wi-Fi networks and eliminates the geographical restrictions in Windows and OS X can get us out of some trouble.


ZenMate is another very popular tool usable from a browser, which even offers us configure a VPN service on our mobile devices. The fees are not bad either, with unlimited free traffic on computers while on phones and tablets we have 500 MB per month. Anyway, in your FAQ warn that this model of income may change soon.


Compatible with OS X and Windows as well as mobile devices, CyberGhost is a VPN service with a free plan. If we pay we will have a connection five times faster and there will be no ads, but something is something. has some pretty attractive conditions in its free plan: 2 GB of traffic, configurable in two different devices. The bad news is that it only works on Windows.


We finish with this service that takes advantage of TOR functions to anonymize our web browsing and to access limited content services in our country. TorVPN gives us 1 GB of free traffic every month.

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