‘Reborn 2’, the new generation of Opera browsers that wants to change the way we surf the web

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Opera has just announced new versions of its desktop browser and also the mobile version, (the latter has been called Opera Touch) and one of the main attractions of both releases is that they have combined the two experiences to work together in a way perfect .

The new Opera has as main novelty the new feature of instant search , something with what they have in both versions and a way in which the user can search and get results without leaving the current tab.

The instant search looks like the MacOS Spotlight search, it is a search box that opens over the current tab either by pressing ALT + Spacebar or by clicking on the search icon in the sidebar.

It is an extremely useful feature that probably works miracles for the productivity of those who dare to use it

Similar to how Google Chrome’s omnibox works, Opera’s instant search offers suggestions as you type, but it also offers you the results right therewithout you having to leave the tab, close it or open a new one.

The instant search also allows you to search between the tabs you have open and choose between them easily. Just open the instant search and press the TAB key to switch to tab search, or you can simply open the tab search directly by pressing CTRL + Space Bar .

My Flow

The other novelty that you will see on the desktop is a new icon in the shape of an arrow to the right that appears in the sidebar of Opera. That is the icon of ‘Flow’ where you will see everything you have shared among your devices as if it were a chat.

As mentioned earlier, this Opera combines mobile experience with desktop and ‘Flow’ will be your flow of personal work to connect your phone Opera with Opera on your computer . You can send from the computer to the mobile and vice versa and everything will appear in that section.

With Flow you can share links, videos, images and notes from your mobile device with Opera Touch . It’s like the Continue on Windows 10 PC and Microsoft Launcher + Edge, but with a better browser. Or how to use Pushbullet, but now without having to install third-party extensions.

‘Reborn 2’ was the key name given to this joint release, and is the result of combining part of the work that had advanced with that experimental and extremely interesting project called ” Neon “, with the first Opera Reborn almost a year ago .

Opera is still up to today’s sun one of the best browsers available. We have already said that if you use Chrome and want to change your browser, Opera is perhaps your best option .

This launch demonstrates that they continue to innovate and offer truly useful features, such as when they were the first to offer protection against cryptocurrency mining , or integrate their own VPN.

Opera on the desktop is available for Windows, Linux and macOS. Opera Touch is only available for Android at the moment.

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