Razer Blade Pro laptop with more power and storage

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Did you know that Razer Blade laptop is updated with more power and storage? We’ll tell you in detail from our blog. After filing makes few dates your other portable gaming, the Blade Razer, the prestigious brand has just announced the upgrade of another model for players, the Blade Pro, which now offers even more performance, more storage and graphics card art for we can enjoy top of the latest video games with all the showmanship that discerning users ask a team of these features.

Razer Blade Pro laptop with more power and storageAll about Razer Blade Pro

Designed as a portable gaming, it is also a perfect place for audiovisual professional’s creation computer. But let’s see in detail the main technical features of the portable Razer Blade Pro:

Inside this beast we find the new graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M GPU with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM, which guarantees maximum graphics performance and higher even in the most demanding games on the market configurations. In addition, it is accompanied by a powerful processor Intel Core quad-core i7-4720HQ which ensures incredible performance and full power is also needed for development programs or video editing.

In this update of its high – end laptop known, Razer also offers the possibility of increased storage, from the previous 512GB model to 1TB maximum, plus 512 GB SSD . With these features, it is clear that the whole system of refrigeration equipment plays a very important role. Thus, it has been designed with the idea to channel all ventilation and cause the heat generated to stay away from the top of the keyboard, to other areas that facilitate rapid and better dissipation. This feature allows greater performance accompanied edge graphics with the power of the NVIDIA GTX cards.

The screen of 17.3 inches with a resolution Full-HD offers picture quality up to the other components, besides having great viewing angles and very vivid, lifelike colors. All this with a weight very light and a truly reduced width, allowing it easy to transport. All perfectly assembled in an aluminum chassis and an elegant design with aggressive lines and colors as characterizes the brand. Finally, note the presence of a backlit keyboard with anti-ghosting system fully programmable keys thanks to Synapse 2.0 software.

Availability and Pricing

The new Razer Blade Pro and is available for booking through the manufacturer’s website with a price in line with a computer these features: from US $2299.

What it is or seems updating the portable Razer Blade for more power and storage?

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