Opera 50 is the first browser to offer protection against cryptocurrency mining

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While Bitcoin rises like the foam the cryptocurrency fever is experiencing its greatest boom to date, and unfortunately after the hunt for fortunes in digital currency come problems for all those who do not even have interest or knowledge of the matter: the cryptoniners.

The hijacking of CPUs through websites, extensions, malware, and even public Wi-Fi networks to mine cryptocurrencies, has quickly become one of the biggest problems of 2017, and one that is planted as a major threat in 2018. that in Opera are taking measures to protect their users.

With the release of Opera 50, the browser will integrate protection against cryptocurrency mining natively. And it is the first to do it, although in Chrome they are considering options just for the same, we still do not have an integrated solution, but we can resort to extensions.

In Opera recently updated the rules of the mechanism of its ad blocker just to eliminate the scripts used to mine cryptocurrencies and take advantage of the resources of your computer.

This function is already available in the beta versions of Opera 50 for Windows, Linux and macOS, but we will not have to wait long to see it in the stable version, as it is the next launch in the queue.

Now when accessing the Opera 50 settings you will find the option “NoCoin” that you can activate or deactivate to block the Coinhive style scripts, in a similar way as Opera blocks ads.

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