Now you can run Windows 2000 on your browser thanks to the power of JavaScript

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That of being able to run complete old operating systems inside the browser is not something new. However, what makes it more surprising is that each time it is more recent systems. We are no longer talking about versions of Windows, Linux or Mac of the 80s , but systems of this millennium.

Like this Windows 95 emulator , or this version of Windows 98 we talked about at the time, we can now “enjoy” Windows 2000 in a browser window thanks to the power of JavasScript.

This is a project of the developer Fabrice Bellard , creator of the emulator QEMU. Bellard has been working with emulators for years, and his JSLinux project was the initial version of these online virtual machines of old operating systems.

The latest addition to your list is nothing more and nothing less than one of the most beloved Windows in history (irony if you do not detect it): Windows 2000 . In the list of JSLinux you also find several versions of Linux and FreeDOS to emulate.

Unlike other emulators like Total emulator , this project does not require use of infamous plugins like flash. You do not have to install absolutely anything, just click.

The experience is perfect, just as slow and with many errors as the Windows 2000 we all know . You can relive the moments when pressing a shortcut in the taskbar allowed you to go to lunch and when you returned you might have opened the program … multiple times, because in your desperation you pressed the icon too much.

By default the network does not work, but it is possible to do so if you follow the instructions to configure the virtual machine in the FAQ offered by Bellard.

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