Microsoft does not want you to use it without paying the Android Office in Chrome OS

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This is the year that Chrome OS has finally gone from being an experiment to becoming an operating system to take into account. The low price of the Chromebook has led the United States to outperform Apple in the sale of devices for the educational field, while since June its users have been able to start using Android apps natively.

Microsoft does not want you to use it without paying the Android Office in Chrome OSMicrosoft has just become one of the first to move chips against Chrome OS trying to draw a line between Android phones and laptops capable of using their applications. It has prevented you from being able to download the Office application on Chromebooks through Google Play, and announcing that you will have to pay to use your suite on them.

It all started earlier this week when some users reported on Reddit that Office was no longer available in the Chromebook Android apps store. As it has been echoed 9to5Google yes it will re-put your application available, albeit with some buts.

He has done so with statements whose positive side is that Redmond have recalled that Google Play is still in beta for Chrome OS, and that they are working with Google “to offer the best experience to users of the Chromebook and plan the availability of Applications on all devices compatible with general availability.”

There is no freemium for Chrome OS

But the downside comes when talking about the freemium model with which Android and iOS users can enjoy some of the basic features of Office without having to pay a subscription in Office 365.

“On devices larger than 10.1”, an Office 365 subscription is required to unlock the ability to create, edit, or print documents. “Therefore, on devices with screens greater than 10.1 inches can not be To use the freemium mode of the Office Android application, something that directly affects users of Chrome OS.

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