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Panasonic has introduced a new range of mirrorless digital cameras (Lumix GM series), which opens with the Lumix GM1, a compact aimed at photo enthusiasts looking design and high quality of image. As stated by the manufacturer himself, this camera is designed especially for urbanizes who want to carry a compact camera with style but without giving up the quality of image. The GM1 is the ideal companion to take it everywhere and its design is aligned with the latest trends.

It is a totally redesigned new camera, designed from scratch by engineers from Panasonic to offer quality sensor Micro Four Thirds in a very compact body. The total remodeling has been thanks to the reduction of its major components, such as replacing the traditional aluminum frame pressure chambers without conventional mirror for body resistant magnesium alloy, which has reduced the overall size By 40%. The result is a camera with Micro Four Thirds that fits in your pocket and that is a good tool for day to day sensor, but without sacrificing performance or image quality.

Lumix GM1, Micro Four Thirds pocket PanasonicThe innovation most prominent is found in the complete redesign of the sealing system, which now includes a unique curtain controlled by a stepper motor using as first shutter electronic sensor control, thereby eliminating the spring mechanism models without mirror (DLSM) and Conventional SLR (DSLR).

The Lumix GM1 offers a refined exterior design, classic style with the dials aluminum and metallic finish. In addition, it has a coating of synthetic leather of black and orange color that also evokes the aesthetics of the classic cameras. This is how the new camera offers the perfect balance of style and photographic performance in any situation.

Features of the new Lumix GM1

Superior image quality

With a Digital Live MOS sensor of 16 megapixels based on standards Micro Four Thirds system, the new Lumix GM1 captures every scene with great realism, while offering accurate color reproduction and fast processing of high resolution image. The photo diode of each pixel is larger, improving the dynamic range and ISO sensitivity and signal to noise ratio of 25% compared to previous models.

Equipped with the latest processor image Venus Engine, the sensor captures images incredibly detailed, even in low light or moving images. This allows for smooth, natural images with clearer playback and minimal noise. The advanced multiprocessor noise reduction Venus Engine detects noise, regardless of size, and reduces it in an effective manner respecting the texture and details. The signal processing ensures high accuracy wider dynamic range and tonal reproduction homogenised to create more balanced images with perfect exposure for both bright areas and for the shadows.

The progress of the Lumix GM1 with regard to image quality also allow the creation of videos of cinematic quality thanks to the recording format Full HD (1080p) AVCHD Progressive or MP4. The new model allows the recording of sound in high quality through Dolby Digital. Function Wind Cut also blocks the majority of interference caused by background air.

Incredibly fast operation

With technology contrast autofocus (AF) of greater accuracy and speed, AF Drive the Lumix GM1 operates at a speed up to 240 fps. The AF Light Speed function is possible thanks to the continuous and continuous working of a red-out sensor, an image processor and an autofocus motor for a higher speed. This new model also includes a shot high speed to 5FP with a resolution of 16 megapixels, while the AF Tracking allows continuous shooting of a moving subject with defined focus point 4fps.

Beyond the high speed, the Lumix GM1 stands by the accuracy and flexibility of the AF mode. The Low Light AF (for low light) allows precise focusing even in extremely dimly lit scenes (below -4EV -value of exhibition-), allowing capture moments like a baby sleeping or a wild animal in its habitat Natural and at night. For a selective approach mode AF Pinpoint allows extending a zone of 3x to 10x and focus on an exact point of the image. The focus fixed points are no longer a delimiting factor and the user can make sure that every little detail is perfectly focused.

Thumbnail size for creative freedom without limits

It is the perfect model for photography lovers who want to explore their creativity : the Lumix GM1 offers the option of full manual control but also a variety of creative features and smart ways and simple guides for users who are new to photography.

The three-inch touch screen with an approximate resolution of 1,036,000 points allows you to frame pictures more easily, focus and even shoot the shutter with just a touch. Both the photographs and the video can be displayed with color , and incredible detail , and then shared immediately you connected Wi-Fi.

The 22 creative filters allow the user to add a personal touch to each image, making each shot becomes an artistic work. Thus, effects such as Toy Pop, Dynamic Monochrome or Cross Process can be applied. The model also allows the creation of Time Lapse or stop-motion animations.

The Lumix GM1 includes intelligent automatic modes , such as iA or iA Plus, which offer easy use by immediate identification of scene conditions and automatically applying the most appropriate settings for each situation. The new intelligent system for night shooting freehand and so HDR Smart allows multiple exposures of the same frame to produce a perfectly exposed image, giving the user the freedom to focus on the composition of the image.

Wireless control sharing options

The Wi-Fi makes it possible to easily connect the new Lumix GM1 with smartphones and tablets to publish pictures or video clips on social networks or send them via e-mail at the same time have been recorded. With Instant Transfer , users can archive the images on your computer and wirelessly using Wi-Fi network’s own home, making sure to archive your favorite moments with minimal effort.

Wireless connectivity options also allow remote trip through the App Panasonic Image , which is available for free for Android and iOS operating systems in their respective app stores. This feature makes smartphones or tablets act as a remote controller is possible to set parameters such as focus area (focus peaking), aperture, shutter speed or ISO sensitivity before shooting the picture. Subsequently, with the option of Remote Viewing can review the images.

Available with a complete range of lenses and accessories

Despite its compact size, the Lumix GM1 is compatible with the range of objectives and accessories Micro Four Thirds wider world, ensuring that at all times the user has the appropriate settings to capture images.

In order to maximize the full potential of this model, the Lumix GM1 will be marketed at the end of November in different kits available. On the one hand the DMC-GM1K, available in silver (combined silver and black) and orange (orange and silver combined) model will include the objective Lumix G VARIO 12-32mm / F3.5 ASPH-F5.6 , with incredible optical power In an incredibly miniaturized and motorized body. Consisting of eight lenses, including three a spherical lenses and an Extra Low Dispersion (ED) lens, these lenses offer a very flexible, compact and light zoom range.

In addition, the DMC-GM1W, available in silver (combined silver and black) model includes the objective Lumix G VARIO 12-32mm / F3.5 ASPH-F5.6, the objective Lumix G 20mm / F1.7 ASF ideal for photography Low light and street photography and the aluminum grip for greater ergonomics and stability of the camera (DMW-HGR1).

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