Lanes, a smart and customizable app for taking notes, managing tasks and measuring your progress

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If Todoist, Pocket and Google Calendar had a child it would be something very similar to Lanes, a web application that offers you a place to store articles to read later, another where to take notes and organize your tasks, as well as a calendar and statistics on progress What are you wearing.

It’s free, you do not need to create an account, all you have to do is sign in with Google or Facebook and start adding items to your digital calendar.

The default view is the weekly calendar of tasks, but you can also organize them by month (very similar to Google Calendar), or in lists of four different colors. For each task you add you can add a pomodoro clock to measure your progress and focus on completing one thing at a time.

In addition to the task view, you have the article view and the videos view. In the articles is where this looks like Pocket, here you can save links to read later in a distraction-free mode, and you can also highlight the highlighted parts.

The last view is the videos, this lets you convert the links to YouTube videos in videos with annotations, that is, you can save and highlight exactly that moment of a video that interests you next to a note.

Lanes also has a statistics section that shows you what time of day you are most productive as you use the application. If you want to customize the appearance a bit, you can change the font, or the background by one of the available ones or upload your own image.

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