How to update Telegram to the latest version

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Telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging services in the world. It does not reach the level of WhatsApp or WeChat in number of users, but it has added an important quota and its influence, as well as its characteristics, have made it the communication platform preferred by many.

In this article we are going to show you how to update Telegram to the latest version if you have any doubts about this matter. It is a simple process given that this application, unlike its main rival, can only be updated through the application stores, Google Play in the case of Android, App Store in the case of iOS or Microsot Store in the case of Windows Phone If we talk about mobile, because there are more options on the desktop. Take note!

How to download the latest version of Telegram on Android, iOS or Windows Phone

First we are going to deal with mobile, the main device in which Telegram is used. How do we update to the latest version? Very simple . In Android terminals, iPhone or Windows Phone cell phones we will have to go to the app store, as we have said, Google Play, App Store or Microsot Store, and search for “Telegram”. Easy, right?

When the results appear, we will touch on the application and access its file, where its different data and characteristics are presented. If the application has a new version that has not been installed on our device, an Update button will appear. If so, we will touch on it and the latest version will be installed. If it does not appear, we are up to date and have the latest Telegram available. The matter has no major complication.

If you had any problem to find Telegram here we leave the direct links to each of the files in the respective application stores: Telegram for Android , 4.1 and higher; Telegram for iOS , 6 and above; and Telegram for Windows Phone .

How to download the latest version of Telegram in Windows, macOS and Linux

Now let’s take care of the desktop versions, let’s see how to update Telegram to the latest version in Windows, macOS and Linux . In this case there will be several ways to do it, depending on whether we have installed from the executable provided by the developers of the platform on the page dedicated to Telegram Dektop or from the application stores of the systems.

In the latter case, if we have installed from the Microsoft Store in Windows or from the Mac App Store in macOS, it will be enough to be attentive to the updates, because theoretically they should be carried out automatically . In spite of everything, to verify that we executed the last version of Telegram will be as simple as following the steps followed when we wanted the last version in mobiles: to visit the files of the service.

We access the stores, we look for the application and in its file we see if it allows us to update. If so, we do it and we will be up to date . If we are not told to update, we have the latest Telegram. As in the previous case, here are the direct links to Telegram Dektop in the Microsoft Store and Telegram Dektop in the Mac App Store .

In the case of Linux or in the case that we have Telegram Desktop installed from the executables provided by its managers, we will have to execute the application, click on the menu icon in the upper right (those three horizontal and parallel lines) and click on settings . Once on the screen that will have opened, we will move to the General section .

There we can see if we have it configured to update automatically and what version we use. All this together with a link, Check for updates . If we click and everything is in order it will tell us that “the latest version is installed”. If not, download the new one and we can proceed to the installation to get Telegram update to the latest version.

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