How to share your Netflix account (or whatever) without having to give your password

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Good content costs money, but that does not mean that those who pay can not share. In fact, to big as Netflix, little they care if you share your password with someone else, many in the end are hooked and end up paying their own subscription.

Now, the problem with sharing with someone else is precisely that of having to give you your password, you have to trust blindly in that person and you may not feel comfortable with the idea. Luckily there are solutions like ShareAccount that allow you to share an account without having to give your password.

ShareAccount works in a similar way to the deceased AccessURL we talked about a long time ago. A way to share accounts such as Netflix, Spotify, HBO, Amazon Video, social networks, etc., without having to give your password to the other person.

How does it work

You and the person with whom you want to share the account must install the extension for Chrome and open the website of the service they are going to share. We are going to use Netflix for the example.

Who will receive access must first click on the ShareAccount extension button, press ” Recieve Account ” and copy the code that appears.

That code must share it with the person who is going to give you access to your account. If you are the one who will give access, then you just have to click on the “Share Account” button and paste the code of your friend.

From there you can decide how long you will allow access, by default it is a week, but it can be as little as one hour. Once this is done you can press the “Share” button to share the account.

The result is a link that you must give to the person who will receive the access and it must be pasted in the “Share result” box in your browser and ready.

The session is encrypted at all times to ensure that only the recipient can decipher the result. The keys that are generated are always new when the extension starts for the first time.

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