How to listen to a voice note on WhatsApp before sending it

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WhatsApp begins to polish some of its functions to make life easier for the 1,500 million users it holds. But despite being a messaging application, we just have to look at the street to know that one of the most used tools in it are the audio notes.

At the beginning of the year we learned that since WhatsApp they were working on improving this function and that we could soon listen to the audio notes before sending them, besides that they would not be cut off in case of receiving a call. Well, this function is already a reality and we tell you how you can apply it.

So we can listen to the voice notes

The new function is already available in Beta version 2.18.123. of WhatsApp and it is applied automatically if while receiving a note we receive a call. In this case we will see that when returning to the chat window in which we were recording, the note is available to be listened to, sent or deleted.

But, what happens if what we want is to listen to it voluntarily without having to receive an external interruption? In this case the trick is simple. We begin to record the audio note, by manually pressing on the microphone icon or by sliding upwards so that the recording is made automatically.

Once we have finalized the recording and without stopping to press (if we are doing it manually) since in this case the note would be sent automatically, we will go to the main screen of the application , leaving from the arrow located next to the image of the contact. Once here, we just have to go back to the chat again and we will see that our note is available to be listened to before sending it.

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