How to control which websites can make use of Flash in each web browser

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Converting Flash to a plug-in that we need to activate manually is a good idea. There is no need to re-comment on the number of weaknesses found in the component, which has already greatly reduced its presence because of its vulnerabilities.

How to control which websites can make use of Flash in each web browserEach web browser has a way to control the list of websites that have permission to run Flash, which you can access and modify yourself. This way you will have complete control over which sites you can use and which ones you can not use, and we will tell you how you can do it.

Google Chrome

Type the following in the Chrome address bar to bring up the settings window:


Go there go to Site Settings> Flash and uncheck the Allow websites to run Flashoption. This way, every time you enter a web, you will see an icon that will allow you to give the component execute permissions if you wish.

On this same page you can add exceptions for certain websites, so that they run Flash automatically.

Mozilla Firefox

To get Firefox to request permission to activate the components, click on the menu button, select Plugins and Plugins in the sidebar. Locate “Shockwave Flash” in the list, click on the drop-down menu and choose the “Ask to activate” option.

This way, when you visit a website that uses Flash content you will see, again, an icon in the address bar that will serve to grant permissions. The interesting thing is that you can add an exception by clicking the icon, rather than creating a list as in the case of Chrome.

Apple Safari

Safari disables Flash by default, and only activates it for webs that the user specifically determines. To check the settings go to Preferences> Security> Plugins Settings. It activates Adobe Flash Player and leaves the option like “Ask” if you want the browser to consult you before enabling content playback.

You can also block flash for all websites and set a list of exceptions through browser preferences.

Internet Explorer

To disable Flash autoplay in Internet Explorer, click the gear icon and select the Manage Add-ons option. In the window that appears, locate the Shockwave Flash Object, click it, and then click More Info.

In the window that will appear, look for the Remove All Sites button. This way, every time you enter one that plays Flash content the browser will ask permission to run the component. In this same window you can manage a list of websites that use the component.

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