How many domain names do I need to buy?

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Perhaps you are someone who has spent your time in lockdown dreaming up ecommerce business ideas. After all, the high street has been closed for months; ecommerce really is the best way to go. But maybe the finer details of your next big business plan aren’t fully complete. Perhaps you have lots of ideas. Many ideas and ecommerce websites need domain names. When the one you want is available, you should grab it immediately, right? The answer isn’t so simp

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A domain name is important, but its relevance is determined by many other factors. If you are someone who is looking to build an ecommerce business, website or simply an online presence, there are some basic tools of digital marketing and specifically domain names that you should know. Quality overrides quantity here.

Only buy a domain for a new venture

If you already have a website or blog with regular content and readership but have a ‘new’ idea and are thinking about buying a new domain name, think it through first. A lot of work has gone into your current venture. Work with the resources and the audience that you’ve already built, even if means slightly tweaking your categorisation. A brand new domain comes with a blank canvas and will need building from scratch it its own right. If you have a completely unrelated business idea and want to create a unique brand, a new domain ( ) could be relevant. But if it’s something that could be incorporated into a current site, keep your current domain and somehow work it in.

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Don’t buy more than you can handle

A successful website requires work. Buying endless domain names means lots of additional work in order to build numerous, successful websites – all of which require consistent content to maintain a regular readership. One website done well is far better than numerous neglected ones. In fact, the latter can actually turn off potential consumers and readers.

Don’t waste money

Domain names can be costly, so don’t overestimate the value of the ‘right’ one. Many huge brands have domain names that aren’t a perfect match to their company name or brand. Why? Because it’s just not that important. Build the business and the brand. If it is successful, your consumers will come regardless of the domain.

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