How an Artificial Intelligence can help us fight anxiety and depression

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We live surrounded by stimuli: notifications, social networks, videos on YouTube, concerts and movies to watch, too many series to follow, etc. That mixed with work and personal relationships makes a cocktail that can generate all kinds of emotional problems.

Unfortunately, depression and anxiety are topical. They are diseases that alter our day to day and can lead to more serious things. Although they are very common, there is still some hesitation when asking for help to end them.

For this reason, we are working on a way to help everyone, regardless of where they live or their social class. Technology can help us in this regard, and many companies are working in this area.

A doctor in our pocket

For example Mindstrong, a startup specialized in artificial intelligence and that seeks to turn your smartphone into a diagnostic tool for this type of diseases. In this way, we will have a device that will help us know the state of our mental health.

We use our smartphones differently when we are angry and when we are calm.

Many of today’s smartphones already have access to our biometric data (for example the pulse and our physical activity), but this company wants to take it a step further. They claim that we use our phones differently when we are angry and when we are calm.

Mindstrong wants to analyze your physical interactions with the phone and see what you do with it, so you can create a picture of your mental state. They believe that this way they can anticipate health problems before they manifest themselves.

When we have the flu or a cold, many of us end up self-medicating, something that can not be done with mental health ( there is no pill to end depression). Tools like these can help serve to end the stigma of mental illness, tackling problems before they become too serious.

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