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Protecting your family and home from criminal intrusions should always come high on your priorities. The assurance of  a safe home will give you a peaceful mind at all times. With the increase in the number of thefts, a fail proof home security system has become mandatory. The advent of latest technology has also made this more feasible. Here is a list of valuable reasons as to why home security is important?

  • The crime rate will get reduced.
  • Life becomes less complicated.
  • Peace of mind
  • Reduction in home insurance
  • To detect smoke and fire

TechnologyThere are a wide variety of security systems, and to understand more about them, read the following categories:

  1. Monitoring:  The means by which the system communicates with its monitoring center.The commonly used systems are Landline,cellular and Broadband internet connection. Of these cellular communication is preferred because it is more reliable and faster .
  2. Installation:  The method of installation–professional or Do it Yourself (DIY).The DIY systems will mostly be wireless and usually means you can own the equipments.
  3. Home Automation:  These include events like lights on and off,  controlling temperatures  (thermostat) and others.

How to Determine Which is the Best Home Security System for you?

1. Are you a Renter or a Homeowner?

If you are a renter, you should probably choose a wireless system that you can install yourself. You own the equipment and can easily move it from one location to the next.  LifeShield, for example, has packages specificallytailored to the home security needs of the  renters.

Companies that offer DIY wireless systems: Front point, Simplisafe, Lifeshield, Protect America.

If you are a homeowner, you can install pretty much any security system you want, depending on your needs and budget. One of the best ways however, could be to have a landline system with a cellular uplink back up, covering all eventualities and delivering total protection.

Companies that offer a landline plus cell-backup option: Pinnacle,Guardian.

2. Do you Plan to Move in the Next One to Three Years? 

If you are likely to move often, then paying attention to the service provider’s contract and intention to own the equipment should be considered. For example, companies that draw long term contracts might not work for your lifestyle. However, a few companies such as Guardian, Pinnacle, Vivint etc., offer moving programs where they transfer your security kit and service for free.

3. Do you need Security Cameras?

Security cameras come in handy in circumstances where you want to what’s going on at your home, both, when you are at home and when you are away. When you are at home, you can keep an eye on family members in other rooms or see who is at the front door from the couch. When you are away, know what your staff, from babysitter to maintenance workers are doing,  keep a watch on them, know when your kids get back from school, what are they up to at home etc.

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