Google Trust Contacts, tell your friends where you are at all times

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Imagine that you leave work late at night. You live in a place not very big, generally safe or you know the neighborhood so well that you know that nothing is going to happen to you. Normally you always go quiet, but still it is good to know that there is someone who keeps your back. This is what Google wants through contacts Trust, an idea that had already implemented Facebook.

Google Trust Contacts, tell your friends where you are at all timesThe idea is very simple: assign some of your contacts as “trusted” so they can ask for your location and see your activity at a given time. If you do not respond to a location request within five minutes, it will be automatically shared with these contacts.

The aim is to help our loved ones and friends to know that we control well, but as is always easy to see other positive applications for example to surprise someone – or negative potential situations.

The user can also share your location manually if you want some extra privacy. An interesting feature is that of “accompanying home” to someone in a virtual way, following their location while traveling.

When it reaches its destination, someone that costs very little time pressing a banner at the top of the screen to stop sharing your location.

For now the application is still very basic , mainly limited to the features detailed above something. However it is sufficient for what Trust Contacts seeks to achieve. There are other similar alternatives – such as Life360 Family Locator -, the Google version brings better integration with applications of the Great G.

Now you can download Trusted Contacts from Google Play. You can also access the web version of the service from My Contacts, although for now it seems that the bulk of features only available in the mobile version.

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