Get more power out of Windows 10 hibernation mode with these commands

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There is a kind of open debate between whether it is better to turn off a PC, put it on standby or in hibernation mode. Sometimes the latter may be more convenient, basically because it does not consume energy while preserving the state of execution of the system. When the session is restored, everything appears exactly as you left it.

In modern PCs with large amounts of memory and relatively small solid-state hard disks, it is important to know how to properly manage hibernation. This way you can do your work without having to use a space equivalent to the amount of RAM installed on the computer.

Get more power out of Windows 10 hibernation mode with these commandsManages hibernation correctly with these commands

To set hibernate mode correctly, you need to use the command Powercfg with the switch /h. You open a command prompt console with administrator permissions and use any of the following commands:

  • Powercfg /h on| Powercfg /h off: Enables or disables hibernation feature.
  • Powercfg /h /type reduced| Powercfg /h /type full: The reduced type is used to use the fast boot function without the need to hibernate, which uses a fraction of the disk compared to the full option.
  • Powercfg /h /size nn: Where “nn” is the size of the hibernation file, presented as a percentage of the installed memory. The minimum is 40% and the maximum is 100%. It is worth mentioning that you should avoid putting a very low number, as it may not allow you to save the state of the machine in the file.

If you want to see the size of the current hibernate file, enter the command in the same command prompt c:\hiberfil.sys /ah.

With these commands you can have a better control over the hibernation of your computer, managing more precisely how it enters this mode and the impact it will have on your machine.

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