Flash attacks again, another vulnerability in the plugin allows you to install spyware on your PC

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It’s even boring. If you had no reasons to stop using Flash, the Adobe plugin that will go down in history as one of the most problematic and unbearable, returns to the news thanks to another vulnerability for its long list .

The flaw discovered by Kaspersky’s security expert team is a zero-day exploit of Adobe Flash that was being used to install the latest version of the well-known FinFisher malware.

The exploit was filtered through a Microsoft Office document to finally install the spyware on the victim’s computer. They discovered it by investigating, coincidentally, of course, other Flash vulnerabilities that affected Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome OS.

The victim receives an Office document, possibly via email. Inside the document the exploit is hidden, this exploited the vulnerability in Flash to download and install FinFisher (also known as FinSpy) on the computer.

FinFisher is known to be the spy surveillance software that many governments and organizations around the world were discovered using.

Adobe has already released a patch for Flash since Monday, and needless to say it recommends updating the plugin immediately to the latest version. We recommend you to uninstall Flash forever because it’s not worth it .

Written by suNCh8

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