Can I use Tinder if I delete my Facebook account?

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The latest Facebook scandal, coupled with all the problems and criticisms that the social network has had to deal with in the last two years, from how the platform was used by external agents to influence elections , even as its former employees and co-founders have accused him of damaging society and democracy , he has ended up creating an anti-Facebook movement that continues to gain traction.

Is that even one of the founders of WhatsApp recommends eliminating your account . Meanwhile, you who are young and probably do not even use the social network for old people , you worry more about what happens if you delete your Facebook account but want to continue using Tinder .

If you delete your Facebook you lose your Tinder, but you can create a new one

If you already have a Tinder account that you created by logging in with your Facebook account (as most people do because it’s easier and lets you use the photos you already have in the social network), those accounts are permanently linked, Say that if you delete your Facebook account, you will have to say goodbye to that profile.

The good news is that you can create a Tinder account simply by using your mobile number . The “problem” with this type of account is that you will need to upload photos that you have stored on your mobile, something that is probably not so difficult if you are one of those who take selfies all the time.

If you decide to delete your Facebook account completely and forever , the profile of Tinder that was linked will be unrecoverable, including the chats and matches you already had.

If instead of eliminating your account in full you decide to continue using Facebook without sharing your data with others and deactivate the platform that allows other apps to take your data from the social network, you would also have to sign off with your Facebook account in other places, including Tinder.

The solution if you do not want to use more Facebook but want to keep your Tinder, is to resign yourself to having to create a new account with your mobile number and say goodbye to everything you had in the previous one.

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